The Future Skill Compass

In the Future Skill Compass, you can take targeted steps in developing your Future Skills. The online tool is based on the NextSkills model, which contains 17 scientifically developed Future Skills profiles. As with any good compass, you can use it to determine your position. The tool also helps you work out which Future Skills development preferences you have.

#determination of position: With the position determination tool you can assess yourself. You put yourself in 17 different situations and consider how well you can already cope with the challenges described there. The result shows you graphically your personal Future Skills profile.

#developmental preferences: Using a questionnaire, you can determine here how important you feel the development of individual Future Skills is. As a result, you receive an overview of your development preferences.

#whatnow?: What now? is a game in which small groups discuss tricky action situations and consider which Future Skills are needed to master them. In the process, you can write down good tips and tricks to look at later.

Important: Before you start, you must log in. To ensure complete anonymity, you can register yourself and assign your own personal TAN.

We hope you enjoy discovering and working with the Future Skill Compass!

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